Announcing The PNGFI 2022 New Year Community Contest to Win an Exclusive NFT

NOOOOOOT ! (🐧,🐧)

🎊Happy New Year, penguin family!

📣We’re excited to announce the community contest as a warm-up for the launch of Liquidity As A Service.

📖Before we get to the fine print, let us tell you the story about this Penguin Art 🖼 NFT series.

We penguins had spent a long time in Antarctica and used to enjoy the cold temperatures.

However, with the recent rise in temperatures, our group of penguins committed to providing Liquidity As A Service chose to relocate and fly to Neptune, our solar system’s coldest planet…Noot? Of course we can fly; some people already know this; go ahead and Google it, okay?

Where were we? Oh, right. We decided to fly to Neptune.But we adore Earth’s artwork and want to kill some time on the road with Earth-related 🌏 memories; after all, NEPTUNE is much farther away than the MOON 🌕, isn’t it?

So we decided to rework some of our favorite portrait artwork and give it to the penguins who joined us as avatars. That way, we can view all of the amazing art in our community on our journey to NEPTUNE every day, lol…

En…We’ll see if the penguins that win the NFTs have a bigger role to play on our path to NEPTUNE.

Okay, the 2022 New Year Community Contest is now LIVE 🚀

🕗Time: 8:00AM 1st January 2022–7:59AM 8th January 2022 (UTC-08:00)

🏆Total rewards: 10+1(HIDDEN) LIMITED Edition 1/1 Penguin Art NFTs

🎁Prize distribution: Within 7 days after the contest

Activity 1: Community Contest (10 Penguin Art NFTs)

Penguin Art NFTs

Penguins that join the social event using the link and complete the tasks below will have a chance to win 10 LIMITED Edition Penguin Art NFTs.

Reward Structure:

Reward Structure

NOTE: After completing the initial tasks, further daily chores will be unlocked. You may come back every day to earn more entries and boost🔥 your chances of winning.

The winner will be disqualified if any fraudulent behavior is discovered.

Activity 2: Twitter Giveaway (1 HIDDEN Penguin Art NFT)

One lucky penguin will be chosen at random on Twitter to accomplish the following simple tasks to win 1 HIDDEN Edition Penguin Art NFT.

✅Like & RT the event ANN on Twitter + Tag 3 friends

Q&As: If you have any queries concerning this contest, please feel free to ask them in our Discord server 🎨│penguin-art channel.

Last but not least, this contest’s prize is the first series of Penguin Art NFTs; after that, there will be more NFTs and events; penguins, stay tuned!


About Penguin Art NFTs

Penguin Art is a series of penguin-themed re-creations of great artworks.Penguin Finance provided funds for the creation of these NFTs, which were awarded to members of the community.

About Penguin Finance

Penguin is a one-stop solution for treasury management, including liquidity bonding and vesting. A protocol can utilize the bonding service to acquire liquidity instead of renting it. Protocol-owned liquidity can help a protocol survive in the long run by staying with it during a downturn. Instead of fostering short-term involvement, token vesting will allow protocols to match their incentives and communities with their long-term goals.

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Penguin Finance is a liquidity management protocol for projects built on Solana.

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Penguin Finance

Penguin Finance is a liquidity management protocol for projects built on Solana.