PenguinFinance 1st Anniversary: Annual Review

Penguin Finance
3 min readNov 25, 2022

Today marks our first birthday! Thank you for all of your penguin love! We can’t get this far without your support!

What we accomplished in the first year:

Total Trading Volume: 12M+
Total Bonded Value: 458K+
Total Created Distributors: 45K+

On November 25th, we began our journey on Solana as a Liquidity-as-a-Service protocol.

With the assistance of our initial partners, Parrot Finance and Jupiter. We launched our swap and pools functions in order to become a Dex powered by Jupiter. In one year, we achieved a total trading volume of $12 million or more. View all the stats:

To commemorate our launch, we held a seven-day Pengs-Giving event. Gaveaway 7 adorable penguins from various NFTs on Solana to our first penguins including PixeIPenguins, WickedBoneClub, drippypenguins, SolPenguinB, PenguloveNFT, littlenoots and peskypenguins!

To celebrate the New Year 2022, we carried a community contest in which we gave away our first 11 NFTs of Penguin Art. We decided to aim for Neptune rather than the Moon!

Since then, we’ve given nearly 200 PenguiArt NFTs away for free at various community events. All of the details about Penguin Art and the events will be published in an article next week.

On January 19th, we started our very first bonding with the initial member of the Penguin Bond Family, BunnyDucky.

Following that, we will continue to provide bonding services for Solana protocols in order to collect Protocol-Owned Liquidity. The Penguin Bond Family grows stronger with the addition of UncleMine, PortFinance, and LP Finance. Penguin Bonds collected over 58K in POL value. We also have some bond members who are waiting for a more favorable timing to join.

Do you still have questions about bonding/staking? Here’s something for you penguins.

To address the issues that all protocols and communities are experiencing, we began to offer another service to the entire Solana community - Penguin Distributor. Within a year, there were numerous airdroppers, including procotols, DAOs, and users, resulting in 45K+ distributors.

Thank you to all of the teams who have helped and used Penguin Distributor service: BunnyDucky, Port Finance, Parrot Finance, Dappio, NinjaProtocol, LP Finance and VyperProtocol!

We will continue to improve our existing services and build more new ones for all Solana protocols in the coming year.

We’re not going anywhere!




Penguin Finance

Penguin Finance is a liquidity management protocol for projects built on Solana.