RACE Game and Penguin Finance Join the Table for Web3 Community Entertainment and Protocol-Owned Liquidity

Penguin Finance
3 min readJun 17, 2022



We are thrilled to announce our partnership with RACE Game. We will collaborate to deliver more enjoyable poker events to both communities and to assist RacePoker in collecting POL through bonding.

RAce Poker is an open-source online web 3 poker game that dramatically enhances the potential of blockchain and decentralized storage, as demonstrated by the following points: The assets of the players are now kept on the Solana blockchain, which is solid, fair, and secure; game recordings are stored in Arweave decentralized storage, which is immutable and permanent. There is no one who can control “randomness.”

The RACE poker has its own native token $RACE, and its economic architecture will allow the fund in poker games to function more efficiently and economically. Rake reduction will minimize players’ overall costs, but the design of ‘rakeback’ with RACE token will offer participants with a minimum-guaranteed profit. They expect that poker players will experience the pleasure of positive-sum games on RACE Poker.

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RACE poker will use Penguin’s bonding service in the future to gain access to the POL, allowing long-term supporters of the offer to purchase RACE at a discount while continuing to accumulate LPs permanently locked in its own treasury to avoid the liquidity crisis. When you rent LPs from farmers using liquidity mining incentives, a liquidity crisis necessarily emerges when the market falls or your incentives become insufficient. We are delighted about the opportunity to assist RACE in building a strong and secure liquidity base and growing over time.

RACE poker also features NFTs display. PngArtists may now join the game and utilize Penguin Art NFT as their avatar. In the future, PNGART will have a unique presentation at RACE poker while we investigate the possibilities of partnering on NFT with the RACE team.

As a result of our collaboration, we will work together on poker events for our communities as well as treasury and liquidity management.

Keep an eye out for upcoming poker night, AMA and bonding!


About RACE Poker

RACE Poker is committed to the development of decentralized asymmetric information competitive games. Equally, RACE team will untiringly develop a trustworthy and reputable model to ensure the fairness and safety of the game, and apply the trustworthy one to the game through the blockchain, P2P network, smart contract, web3 and other technologies.

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About Penguin Finance:

Penguin is a Liquidity-as-a-Service Platform that offers a one-stop solution for treasury management such as swap, bonding, and staking. A protocol can utilize the bonding service to acquire liquidity instead of renting it. Protocol-owned liquidity can help a protocol survive in the long run by staying with it during a downturn. Instead of fostering short-term involvement, token vesting will allow protocols to match their incentives and communities with their long-term goals.

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Penguin Finance

Penguin Finance is a liquidity management protocol for projects built on Solana.