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4 min readJul 20, 2022


Noot Noot

Our PngNood Party has now come to an end.

We have seen penguins working hard to bring party food that resembles the image on the menu and is delicious, thanks to the active participation of all penguins! Many of the dishes were actually homemade. You penguins are incredible!

During a difficult time after being mugged by bears, we had a great time hanging out together at the PngNood party and eating delicious food. Hasn’t our unity caused those previously arrogant bears to back down recently? Lol

We began a poll voted by all active penguins in the community, and then chose 20 photos from among the many food photos enthusiastically submitted by the penguins for the 2nd round of voting.

In the 2nd round of voting, our food connoisseurs of Penguin Art holders used a hidden poll to choose the dishes that they thought were closest to the image and creativity on the party menu.Different holder roles in our discord had varied voting weights according on the amount of holdings.

We discovered some dishonesty during the voting process. We removed the corresponding votes and entries, and the cheaters were disqualified from participating in any future events. We will also continue to monitor the many upcoming events in order to provide a fair and equitable vibe for penguins to participate.

Based on the amount of NFTs held, the top three voters will divide a reward fund of $1000, $400 and $100. Please visit our Discord for the whole list.The 10 PNGART NFTs for TOP 10 penguins were transferred to the wallet addresses provided.

All $USDC awards have now been delivered through Penguin Distributor. Please visit to claim them.


Let’s take a look at the top ten food photo entries that received the most votes in the final round and two entries won special mindful awards,also the awards they won:

1st Elia | Penguin — 4000 USDC + 1 PNGART (37 = 30 weighted votes + 7 community votes)

2nd FeMMie | 🐧 — 1600 USDC + 1 PNGART (15 weighted votes)

3rd Shruti — 400 USDC + 1 PNGART (12 weighted votes)

4th 🅼🅾🅻🅰🅼🅾🅻🅰 — 1 PNGART (8 weighted votes)

5th NOTYET — 1 PNGART (7 weighted votes)

6th Snowflake — 1 PNGART (7 weighted votes)

7th GeneralX |Penguin 🐧📣noot (6 = 2 weighted votes + 4 community votes)

8th SYRZDL (6 weighted votes)

9th HelloKitty (5 = 1 weighted votes + 4 community votes)

10th TScarlett (5 weighted votes)

Mindful Awards
A — BellHelen (1 SOL)

B — Night_Emperor (1 SOL)



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